TomTom and bike lanes. help!

Jun 25, 2008
Hi, I would like to use the TomTom for cycle paths, but I'm having problems. I don't want to go on the roads where there are cars, but I like those country tracks. In a nutshell I would like the cycle paths. I give an example: I'm looking for a location 15 km away, then I choose "Bike route", but the TomTom chooses the national roads and even lets me enter the expressways. So I choose "Path on foot", but also this time I choose the asphalted national roads. But the most serious thing is this: knowing the cycle paths by heart (where there is a cycle path sign), when I pass by them by bike, he doesn't choose it and always sends me onto the national road together with the cars. If I don't follow the TomTom and choose the bike path myself, then the TomTom, once on the path, behaves quite well. My question: is it possible to use the TomTom for cycle paths or not? I do not think so. So: is someone kind enough to recommend an alternative software to TomTom just for cycle paths? 1000 Thanks
For cycling off road, I use a Garmin handheld (my Oregon 600, on a mount) with 3rd party maps (based upon OSM) designed specifically for this purpose.
Not the same maps I'm using, no. They're in a specific format unique to Garmin (their *.img format). But I'll bet there are other solutions for smart phones. I prefer a more 'hardened' (and cheaper) solution on my handlebars, though.

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