TomTom - Amtrak / Railroads

Jun 24, 2008
Here's a pic of TomTom on Amtrak. :)

I ran across the image here while trying to figure out if TomTom incorporated the railway system.

I'll soon be taking the train from New Orleans to El Paso. Aside from checking speed (seems like that should work) and using the "Where Am I" button, is there another use I might find for my TomTom? Plotting my route on the track would be especially neat.


May 22, 2008
The TomTom will route you on roads. It is kool to know exactly where you are. I have used my laptop and Streets & Trips on airline flights. Very interesting to see it work so fast and know where you are especially on a long over the ocean trip. Streets and trips reports the speed and altitude correct too. At least follow your trip and let us know how it went.

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