TomTom 820 no signal before or after mandatory update

Dec 10, 2012
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I am about to throw my 820 in the bin, I have tried the mandatory update, reseting the unit multiple times to no avail. Can anyone give me some insight as to anything else that can be done? I have owned it for about 6 months and used maybe twice before this issue, and now it can't be used at all. Any help is appreciated!
Are we talking about the update that was required sometime around the end of March of 2012? After performing that, you'll likely need to have the unit out in open sky for as much as 10 minutes before it achieves its first new satellite fix.

When you say that you 'reset' the unit, are you talking about the "Factory reset" option from the menu system, or the 20 second hold of the power switch for that reboot method?

thanks for your reply, lets give you the whole story, I bought the unit about 4 months ago, and it's been used maybe twice. It sits in the glove box of my wifes car where it has been for the past few months with out use. We went to use it the other day and it wouldn't find a signal while we were out. I came home, plugged into the computer and let it go through the updates, and put it outside for about an hour to try and synch with the satellites with no effect. I have tried to reset a number of times holding the button until drum roll and then left the unit outside for 30-60 minutes to try and synch still nothing.

Thanks again!
Ouch. When you have it outside waiting for a fix, take a look at the satellite page itself (you may have done so already).

Main menu / Settings / R arrow / Connections / GPS status

I assume you don't have 4 satellites locked (or you'd be able to use the unit), but what is the clock saying in the lower right corner? How many yellow satellites do you see on the screen, and any green ones at all?
No satellites visible yellow or green, the clock is a running time starting at 0 UTC.
OK. Will recommend a rather drastic procedure that may at least get you back up and running until we can sort this.

Press and hold the power button .. but this time, hold it for a good bit longer than the normal 20 seconds. Eventually, you will see a white on black diagnostic screen. Let up on the button and press it again rapidly 3 times. This is going to take your unit BACK to the previously loaded version of code. It will also likely wipe out any settings you had established, so you'll need to work on those afterward.

Please let us know what this accomplishes, if anything.
No love, once the unit is in diagnostic mode, My TomTom does not recognize the device. Not sure what to do next other then use as a paper weight!
Once in diagnostic mode, did you then proceed with 3 quick taps (maybe 1/2 second apart)??
yep, waited until it asked me to connect to the computer, and then it sits for a few minutes and then............... There is something wrong with your device. Try disconnecting and reconnecting it to your computer.
Yes, still will not connect, tried on multiple computers and Mac and PC and different browsers. Still will not connect. Connects fine for updates etc...

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