TomTom 750 - Operation Cancelled

Jan 9, 2010

New to this forum, but not completely new to TomTom...

I've just bought a new 750 Go Live. Everything is fine, after finding out the challenges of updating the maps to 840, apart from Live services.

When I try to enter my MyTomTom details it comes back with 'Operation Cancelled'. Is this because my details are invalid, there is a server error, or possibly because I have used the email address before when I was using Navigator 6 on my HTC PDA?

Any thoughts or suggestions anyone? Thanks in advance



You need to use a unique e-mail address, reusing an e-mail address previously associated with something else locked to another TomTom product isn't a good idea and will cause problems.

Make something up like (e-mail address removed) and use that - the e-mail doesn't need to actually work, its more akin to a username that has to be in the e-mail format!

If that fails to work try again tomorrow as the server appears to be playing up this weekend with lots of issues reported in the UK/ Europe for lack of connections, if it still isn't working by Monday the UK support number is 0845 161 0009 - Mike
Thanks. I did try an alternate email address, because I saw another post on here. That still came up with 'Operation Cancelled'. I wasn't sure if that was because I have associated the my device with the original email address via TomTom Home (or at least I think that is what it does) :confused:

Having exact same problems with connecting to LIVERserver and updting login details as OP (have 550 with LIVE service) sicne I subscribed after my trial period....

I hope its a problem with server too but not holding my breath.
Same problem here. Had problems with a new 750 and my replacement unit now won't connect to Live. I used a brand new email address with the new tomtom so there wouldn't be any issues with my free live period and I get Operation Cancelled, and 'There has been an error with the TomTom Server, please try again' or words to that effect. I have even changed my TT user account password to all capitals in line with the password being entered into the TT with all caps.

Hoping its just the servers too. If placed next to a set of speakers, you can hear (well, I can) the sim card trying to connect, like a mobile phone does when next to a stereo, so it seems like my TT is trying to connect....

On the device go to "Status & Information" (page 3 of main menu) then select "Version Information" followed by the "Network" button (bottom center) this will show you whether the device is indeed connected to the network, this screen doesn't give you any indication of server errors though - Mike


Yep, Live connection status shows "connected" - however thats just the GPRS signal. Still no ability to login to server, with server error showing.

If anyone manages in the UK to login to LIVE services today, please let us know - if we cant, then its not a server issue.
Mike: you have a 950 - are you able to access LIVE services at the moment?
Prize to first UK person to report a LIVE service connection today :D
None of my three Live devices currently have active subscriptions, a mate of mine in Manchester has been connecting on and off to the Live services today but describes it as very hit and miss - Mike
A quote from a regular user at just over an hour ago (7:52 am my time) as I type this:

Spoke too soon - it is now up and down like a ...... yoyo

He even changed his sig line:

Full LIVE Service was resumed - now it has packed in again!



Hi all,
Just to update, I have just this minute managed to log into TT live and obtain traffic information and use my correct login details. Looks like the server may be sorted. Almost had apoplexy when my TT said my details had been accepted!!!

Cheers all to your support and good luck to my fellow TT'ers still waiting for live to work!!

LIVE service is back up and running AND I have been able to login and change account details to my personal account with full year subscription update now recorded in My services - so it did appear to be a server issue at TomTom.

Cheers to all for advice and updates.

Although as someone said, it would be nice if TomTom had a notification published on their Homepage letting us know if there were server issues - would save them a lot of work answering techsupport questions from users!




FYI, this shutdown also impacted the PLUS/GPRS services in the US too. PLUS came back up too, same time as LIVE did.

Although, at the same time, this got fixed.

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