tomtom 730 safety cameras won't install?

Sep 23, 2009
hope someone can help. I have purchased a new go730 and used the map guarantee update to get the latest map. This was installed to a 2gb sd card as would not fit on the internal memory. Updated map works fine, but i cant get the safety cameras working (they worked prior to the map update). In tomtom home it shows none are present on the tomtom itself but they are all stored on my computer from the original backup i did. The problem is it wont let me install them on the tomtom, it simply says they cannot be installed on my device due to 'content restrictions'. Any ideas of how i can get them installed? i have emailed tomtom but so far no reply.

any help much appreciated.


First, I would call, not email, UK TT support.

Secondly, just a thought........

I'm aware that some sites offer a much superior set of safety camera warnings for a subscription than the unreliable, out of date, TomTom ones in Britain.

One particularly is offered by More information on what they have to offer can be found here.

One of the SuperMods here, Mikealder, is UK based and is also a moderator at that forum. He could certainly assist you with any questions you might have about the features and benefits ....

Please note that we don't get any sort of cut, commission or brownie points for suggesting to our UK members that they consider the subscription at PGPSW. All I know is that subscribers there swear by them, not AT them.
You can phone TomTom Customer Support on 0845 161 0009 and discuss this issue with them as its subscription based only they can fix it, or take a look at the site dhn has linked to for a far more comprehensive solution to Speed Camera warnings - Mike


many thanks for your responses. Contacted tomtom and they sorted out the account so the cameras could be downloaded and installed from tthome. All working now :)

thanks again

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