Tomplayer Best Video Types and Properties?



I am very experienced when it comes to video compression and conversion. I started this thread for members to share what video compression has worked best for them.

I loaded Tomplayer yesterday on a 720. I then took a DIVX compressed avi and resized it to the TT720 screen resolution of 480x272. I kept the same bitrate of about 960. The video was of excellent quality but playback of video was not smooth. I will continue to try different settings and post results but please share your results.

I am a Computer and Network Specialist so i do realize the processor and memory limitations of the TT720 and the speed of the external storage.

With each other's help, we can find the best match of picture quality and performance. Which video codecs, resolution and bitrate.
I tried the divx converter and got a horrizontal green bar on the top edge of the video. I'm having better luck with AutoGK. Have you figured out the optimal bitrate for encoding your video's?
Hey will. I have yet to find a setting

Video is still really choppy. I haven't messed with it too much lately.
In AutoGK if you select Predefined size as 1/3 CD (233Mb) it produces a pretty good video. Also go to advanced settings and choose fixed width of 480.
After much hairpulling I finally got my tomplayer working in my GO720, I converted several episodes of the Trailer Park Boys with Super, using 480X272, 10 for a bit rate and a couple of other settings I forget right now but will post when I get back home. All in all it looks ok, but I notice that the audio is not always in sync, so I will keep experimenting and post the results.

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