Tom Tom showing as 'unknown device' on PC

Nov 27, 2008
Hi, My Go 720 has been working fine until today. I docked it and instead of asking to connect to my PC it switched on and windows said it was an unknown device. Device manager confirmed this and it does not show as a removeable device in my Computer.
I have tried different USB ports and leads and also different PC's.

Any help would be appreciated.

Does not sound good - I was at this point with my original 910 when it had to send it to TomTom (under warranty).

I guess you have tried a pin reset already ? If so (or it doesn't help) - nothing to do that I can think of - call TT support and see if they have any suggestions. Hope you are still under warranty AND have a good backup of your device.

If you get a different one back, you may need TT help in getting recent maps uploaded (though, if you upgraded within the last 12 months through Home, the maps can be downloaded to a replacement unit for up to one year).
Have now downloaded the latest Tom Tom Home and installed it again. After 3 attempts it finally recognised my 720 and all is back to normal. Weird.

Thanks to all who have answered my query.
Pin reset worked here, too. Happened to me after the 8.3 "upgrade". Evidently either the USB VID/PID or device name isn't being transmitted correctly, and Windoze either doesn't see the INF file for it or there's a mismatch between them in the registry. Funny, though, I'd already had to do a pin reset for another reason yesterday. Why just a problem now? Hmm...
I just bought the 720, today I tried to hook it up to my computer and had the same problem. Now I have a PC with Windows XP and this unit had not been updated to the 8.3 navcore, so I don't think that's the only problem.
I solved the problem by hooking the dock up to the computer. Turning on the GPS off the dock. Then placing the turned on 720 into the dock, presto the 'do you want to connect' screen came up.

Before the 720 I had a One second ed. and never had a problem.

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