Tom Tom One 2nd ed won't start or connect

Jun 21, 2013
Sydney Australia
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Tom Tom One new version
Hi, newbie, sorry if this subject has been dealt with elsewhere ad infinitum.

I'm just trying to find out if my Tom Tom One is dead or not. It won't start up after being charged from a computer, green light shows. I've pressed the reset button multiple times and held the power button for over a minute multiple times, I've updated, backed up and restored the sd card on a computer. The unit won't show up in windows explorer or Tom Tom Home when connected with a usb cable, with or without the sd card inserted. I've also opened up the unit and disconnected the battery for about 10 mins, reassembled and nothing has changed.

If it's dead I'll just go buy another one but if it can be restored why spend the money?

TIA, Nick


Thanks dhn for your reply. I've had it connected to my pc via usb cable overnight and the green light is still on but goes off if I disconnect the cable. It still won't power up, with or without the sd card inserted. If the battery is done, wouldn't it still power up when connected to the pc?

Thanks, Nick.
Indeed it may not. It may be worth getting a new battery and see if that resolves the problem. Cheaper than binning the device.

That said, there are newer models with lifetime maps (but reduced features over Nav 2 devices like yours).
I've not tried this myself, but has anyone had any success getting a unit with a dead battery to boot up on external power, with the battery physically unplugged?
I can tell you that at one time, I had a 720 on the bench that refused to boot up off external power with no battery. I don't know how some of the other hardware designs will respond, though. At the time, it felt the same as if I were trying to operate something off the AC output of a UPS with no batteries installed -- at least that's how it stuck in my mind at the time. Can't recall exactly why.


That's what I thought.... it was in the back of my mind that I had read it before somewhere.

Shame, it would have meant a quick diagnosis without having to buy a new battery in the hope it will help.


Thanks guys. I've tried to connect a multimeter to the battery and I'm getting a reading of 0.00v although the contacts are so small I'm not sure if I'm connecting to the battery at all. I'm gonna take it to Battery World tomorrow and hopefully they'll check it for me and be able to replace it if it's dead.


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