Tom tom free HD traffic Scam

Apr 21, 2010
Hi all,

first off, let me say that I am happy with my tom tom and have always used them. I use it everyday and love the product

The problem is, and not sure if anybody else has experienced this, I recently purchased the tom tom go 550 live form a local UK store. I was told I would receive HD traffic free for 1yr. When purchasing the product i was told details concening the HD traffic would be contained inside the box. when I opened the box there was nothing inside concerning HD traffic just a small sticker on the plastic wrapper on the outside telling me to visit tom tom's website for details of my new product.

When I turned the sat nav on, HD traffic was already working, so I assumed all was well as it was installed. After a month however, the HD traffic stopped working. I went online and found out I had to register the product, fair enough, i then found out that I had to register the product within 30 days of purchase and then photocopy my receipt and post it to tom tom to qualify. I was at no time told of this condition and it was stated nowhere in the box when purchased.

Now i was being told i was too late, this sounds to me like a time delay scam, to put people off claiming. I can see no reason why it has to be so complicated to claim, it could of been done in a much easier way, with a code from the store being used to register, rather than sending a receipt photocopy. also the proof of purchase and date would be logged by the store. even simpler why not register product in store when bought.

I am disappointed with this from tom tom, seems poor practice. i am at the moment in the middle of a claim with tom tom customer sevices (who have been fantastic so far), who have told me they can see my point and should be able to sort the problem for me. i will let you know how I go on.

Has anybody else experienced the same problem?

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