Tom-Tom Car Kit & Original iPhone 1st gen problems and work around.

Aug 4, 2010
I have three 1st generation iPhones; two of the three phones connect to the car kit just fine and work well with ver. 1.4 Tom-Tom app. The one that does not work simply gives the pop up ?this device not compatible?? warning when connected, but still charges the phone. This particular phone appears to dock and work well with other accessories, just not the car kit.

To my surprise when a dock extender cable Dock Extender Cable for iPad, iPhone and iPod is used the phone syncs fine with the Tom-Tom car kit and it functions as it should, including Bluetooth. It appears the extender cable makes a better connection to the phone then what I get when placing the phone directly in the car kit dock. The draw back is the car kit can no longer be used to support the phone.


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