tom tom 710 basic data

Feb 13, 2011
Hi All, Im new to sat nav, have one of the above ,came to me s/h.
It appears? to work fine tho it didnt want to charge the battery, It had been in a damp place for some time so i dismantled it ( I hardware service laptops)
cleaned all connections ,reassembled it and it works fine. tho the battery indicator doesnt show up any more but now seems to be charging itself. Howdo I access the data on the hard drive? where presumably all the operating system lies?
Would a format and reinstall sort it? Where do I get the software to do this and or what cables , docking units/ and computer is needed?
Any suggestions welcome. I use the uk map card.
nice new toy!!
in Dorset UK.
With the 710 all the data is stored on the SD card so pop that in to a card reader and use Windows Explorer to make a full copy of the cards entire contents.

There is no hard drive in the 510/ 710 models only the 910 device from the x10 model range was supplied with an internal 20GB hard drive.

By Battery Indicator do you mean the green LED or the on screen icon? I would start by pressing the reset button which is next to the electrical connector in the base of the device, use a thin paperclip or a pin to depress the reset switch, don't worry about loss of settings etc as resetting the unit just forces it to restart from scratch - Mike
Welcome to TTF.

You can access the contents of the unit by connecting it to the computer and using Explorer.

The software interface between your unit and TomTom servers is via TomTom Home. A copy can be downloaded from here:
How to install HOME
To connect the 710 to the computer requires the special "Shoe" to USB addaptor that will have been supplied with the unit when new.
If this is missing use a card reader as it will do just the same job - Mike
Thanks everyone for your help.
Will look at the card in a card reader.
The battery charge indicator is a symbol of a battery with its outline going on and off in red with a yellow bar . this is no longer there on the screen. however if i reset it and power it up through all the options the battery symbol comes on in a different way sort of half tone grey, just briefly indicating its more than half charged.
Anyway, it works fine as its always plugged in the the car charger when under way.
hi can i ask you somthig.. i have one as well 710 but i have not got the card.... what do i need to buy

Thank you
You need a 2GB capacity card and a card reader, the software needed to install everything to the card is called TomTom Home_2 and is available for free from the TomTom web site.
Add the Navcore software, a voice/ voices, PostCode data if located in Holland or the UK, finally you need to purchase a map which is where the "free" part stops, maps cost money and are not available for free - Mike
i have a problem with my postcode reader
it will only read half the postcode.... so i always need the full post address ... anyone know how to fix this problem
Look at the device using Windows Explorer and open the "zip" folder, what do you see in this folder, there should be just files not another folder.

When you extract the zip download to the device it will create the zip folder, so you might have ended up with zip/zip/ i.e. a folder within another folder, this is wrong - Mike
I too, suspect you have not got the folder structure quite right.

The contents of the TomTom SD card should look something like this (your OTHER folders may be different as this is not from a 710).
There is a folder called "zip" on the card and in that should be ONLY these four files.


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