Tom Tom 630 Go in a 1995 XJ6 Jaguar (UK)

Mar 31, 2011
I have had the car for just over 6 weeks and the Tom Tom for about 6 days. I haven't given the unit a permanent home yet but, to be honest, the choice seems fairly limited. One bonus seems to be the ease with which the Go 630 acquires satellite signals. Once upon a time, you virtually had to stick your Tom Tom device on the end of a long stick and hold it way above your car to get a signal whereas nowadays, you can more or less keep the unit in the glove box and it will get a signal within 10 seconds so hats off to Tom Tom for that.

So anyway, I just took my Go 630 and a camera out to the car to take some pictures and came up with these.
On the first one, the device needs to be sat in the dock or it won't be stable enough. For the other locations, it doesn't matter so much. Providing power isn't a big problem. I can just put the unit next to the cig lighter and plug it in when Erika says, "Continue to follow the road for 70 miles" and let it charge up for when we get to more detailed areas, lol.



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