TeleAtlas site now has 2007-10 Maps

Dec 29, 2007
Ontario, Canada
TomTom Model(s)
One XL-S
As I understand it, the new TomTom US/Canada 7.15 maps are based on the TeleAtlas 2007-10. I had recently emailed TeleAtlas asking when that version would be on their site. The reply led me to believe it was imminent.

Today I looked and the (c) statement at the bottom of the page shows they are now available.

Here is a sample link to Ontario Canada.

I imagine that anyone can now check whether their favourite streets are in the new maps. One can decide whether an upgrade is worth the money.

My 4 year old sub-division is not yet there :( but I know my way among the alleged fields to get home :rolleyes: . I would think that you can compare the Navtech (through Google Maps) and the TeleAtlas before going on a trip somewhere to see whether there appear to be major roads that are not on TeleAtlas.


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