Strange MP3 music issue

Jul 14, 2010
I have a strange thing going on with my Go730.

I have copied music files (in folders) from my PC to the memory card in the device (using home AND explorer!) I have 11 albums that play fine on the unit and one that does not. However with my unit connected to my PC the album that wont play on the device will play from the memory card via the computer !

When I try and play the folder via the unit - Music and Media - TomTom Jukebox - Playlist the folder is there but when I try to play it says No Matches Found and the tracks dont appear if I use the Song option.

Any Suggestions


The album that wont play is Electric Light Orchestra, Out Of the Blue, but I dont think that this can be relevant as all the music is ripped by me from the original albums at the same time.


Are you 100% sure the ELO album is in mp3 format, if it isn't then the TomTom won't list it, in fact it won't even see it - Mike


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