Start 20 Rookie struggling with search system

Jun 18, 2014
TomTom Model(s)
Start 20
I am a taxi driver in Newquay, SouthWest UK and recently purchased a TomTom Start20 from Argos (halfprice for £100) which i felt was a pretty good deal bc it included lifetime maps for UK + WestEurope. Is that a decent model or are these things as bad as i am finding them?

I have been struggling to use the (as far as i can see) very basic and unspecific search engine on the device. For example, if i type in the name a road in my local town it doesn't find it, but suggests roads containing some of the words from all over the rest of the UK. I recently tried to find a train station and failed at that also. It works fine for postcodes but thats somewhat restricting since i often don't have one of those available to me. I hope i am just being a bit dumb and missing something. An example of the searches i have tried:

*Mount Wise rd in Newquay (one of the biggest roads in my local town)
*Bodmin train station.

Fwiw i have updated the tomtom online, and also tried to use the map (which i also have trouble trying to navigate and drop pins on) - when i try and use the touch screen to try and slide across the map it doesn't work, there is a zoom in / out buttons but these seem very inaccurate and difficult to use if your trying to find a accurate location? anyway any help with these issues would be greatly appreciated, i am considering returning the sat nav to argos bc it is so difficult to find locations with.


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