Speed Trap Alert

Aug 30, 2006
Downey, California
TomTom Model(s)
GO 910, ONE V2, GO 920 GO 730 & iPad TT App
I made two files:
One Male and one Female

copy the .ogg file to your North America or US_and_Canada folder in your tomtom.
Rename the .ogg file to match the name of your speed trap POI file.


  • Speed Trap.zip
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New to this, but if I understand this correctly. A voice will warn me when approaching a speed trap, assuming I have the speed trap POI.

Will the voice files you provided work on TT1 v2?

Next, you state that I have to rename the .ogg files the same as the speed trap POI. What if I have both US Speed trap POI and a sepersate CAD Speed trap POI file. Do I use 2 seperate voice files with different file names relating to the respective POI? :confused:
Exactly. If you have multiple of any POI (Red Light LA, Red Light New York, etc.), you have to name the POI Alert respectively for each POI file. So you'd have "Red Light LA.ogg", and "Red Light Alert.ogg".
Yes, or you can append (merge) the 2 POIs files into one file and use one alert voice file.


Well I wouldn't recommend it. Unless they both share the same POI icon.

If you want to keep the icons seperate, then don't merge the POI files.
Good job Pedro, thanks! Just my opinion, I think I like the female voice a little better as I find the male voice is a little hard to hear while travelig or with the radio is on.


This is why I made both.
It's all about user preference :D

Maybe I should make the Red Light Camera warning Female.
I could not get this to work, when I enable POI Alerts - the list of sounds it comes up with for me to select from, does not include this one (just the standard list of BEEPs and BOINGs). what am I doing wrong?
You have to rename the warning .ogg file to match with the POI file of your choice.

Finally you will have 3 files name the same with different extentions: .bmp(icon), .ov2(poi file) and .ogg(poi alert).
If it works properly, you should not see a list of sounds options to choose from.
I should NOT see a list of sounds? when I enable the Warn when near POI alert, the list of sounds come up automatically - which one do I choose? or are you saying that picklist shouldn't come up at all?

I have to check my filename construction.
A list of sound options doesn't come up with custom alerts.
Make sure spelling and capitalization is correct


so you mean - when it sees a corresponding ogg file, the list of sound options should not come up?
How can I listen to the alert to test it? I'd like to check the audio. Which one is female?


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