Sound has disappeared on Tomtom GoLive 2050

Sep 13, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
GoLive 2050
I have tried resetting my Tomtom GoLive 2050 to restore the sound which has suddenly disappeared. I have also connected it to the computer and updated software but the problem persists. Any advice?
When you go to Voice Selections and click 'test' for a voice, are you hearing anything?

And by resetting do you mean a drum reset where you hold the power button about 15 seconds till you hear the drum sound?
Response to questions about the lack of sound.

The test is silent as is the drum reset. I simply hear nothing from the device and it happened from one day's use to the next without apparent cause. I did not drop the device or jar it in any way. I held the button till it rebooted but of course I did not hear the drum when it rebooted. Otherwise it is behaving normally.

It is only 7 months old but was a gift from my children so I am not sure where they bought it. Is that number an international one? I am in Australia. And thanks for helping.
It is in Australia.

Try something else.

Select Restore to Factory Defaults. You will lose all custom settings but it may help fix the issue.......
Well, since it is under warranty, you will need to call CS at the number I provided.
Just out of interest, do you hear anything if you go to the Speed cameras warning set-up menu or to the POI warnings set-up menu and change or create a warning sound for one of those.

I'm just wondering if it's the voices that have gone or ALL sounds.
All sounds, including any tests and start-up. I'll try giving the number a call. Thanks
I just wanted to report that I called the support number and was assisted by a very courteous and competent man who talked me through the reset - I had not understood that you have to hold the button down beyond the usual shut down time. Once it restarted, everything was restored. The technical support officer said that he had received quite a number of similar calls so it is obviously a design fault. I have also experienced the screen freeze that other posters have talked about but connecting the device to the computer seems to clear that. Thanks for all your help.
Ah, thanks for the feedback...
DHN did mention that you needed to hold the power button down for about 15 seconds to do the reset, but maybe we need to make it even clearer what we mean when we suggest doing a reset.

Glad it's all OK now.

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