Some POI's lost after map update

Sep 13, 2008
I subscribe to the auto map update service of Tom-Tom. After installing the last map update, many of the POI's that were found upon previous search are missing. Is this normal? Are there work-arounds for it?

Thank you in Advance
You mean custom ov2's you installed?

If so, just copy them from a backed up map (you DO have a backup, right?) to the new map folder.
These are not custom POI's but the ones that are standard stock. Restaurants, etc. that have showed up in the past, no longer show up.
I didn't note which device you have, but if it's a 340 I have seen one other poster question whether the number of POI's had been reduced. He also mentioned there were some poi's that no longer appeared.
If you have a backup of your map before updating, you can just copy the poi.dat file and the crpoi.dat file from the backup onto your unit. that will give you back the pois you had before.

I haven't kept up with the navcore versions, and there might be an incompatability there, so back up the two above files before making the transfer. if the original files from your backup work then fine, if not just copy the current versions back to the map folder.

many of us here are using poi files posted on these forums never intended for our particular units. we use them because they are larger and contain many more pois than the files that come with our units.
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I haven't seen enough posts to figure out exactly what has been removed in the map "shrinking" that occurs in the more recent USA/CAN/MEX maps, to get them to fit on the 2GB 340's.

I've seen some posts questioning whether rural sideroads, certain POIs, etc were removed.

If you don't need Mexico POI's, the North America uncompressed large POI file is here. If you choose to download it, let us know if your missing POIs show up as it will be confirmation that Tomtom's shrinking = fewer POIs.

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