Slow Map Processing Update GO 940

Mar 14, 2009
I have a GO 940 which has just started processing the Map Share corrections very slowly. To just update a correction of 0.1Mb is taking about 30 minutes!! Has anyone else experienced that and if so were you able to fix it? All other updates seem to happen in the time frame I would expect, i.e.about a few seconds each, but the Map Share is too damn slow!


Within many bugs and issues of Tomtom GPS, this issue is what I hatttteeeeeee most. :(
For some unknown reason, it's slow and I think if noone else complaint then it must be me to blame :(
Slow Map Updates.......

As nobody has tried to offer a reason for this problem, do I take it that TomTom support are also at a loss to explain the reasons why my Map Update is slow? Can no one offer a solution? Is everyone at TomTom blind? Maybe that is why no reason can be offered to correct this problem - no one can see the posts!!

Do I have to reload to correct the problem? Do I have to reinstall the operating system? Do I have to reinstall the Maps?

How wonderful it would be to get a sensible answer to an issue I see many people have?

Any takers!!??




First of all, this is NOT a forum owned or run by Tom Tom, the company.

Second, whether you realize it or not, Tom Tom Forums is situated in North America, not the UK and the GREAT majority of members are North Americans.

Third, there isn't even a 740 available in North America, let alone a 940 (which won't be coming here in the near future, if at all).

So, don't get frustrated because you aren't getting answers..... very few if ANY here have any experience with that model.

Having said all the above, send a pm to a member here, mikealder. He does reside in the UK and should be able to assist you or, at the minimum, answer your questions.

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