Slideshow advertisements when driving (Very Annoying)

Jul 20, 2013
My Tomtom won't stop giving me slideshows of pictures of their services they provide. Every 3 seconds it continues with the slideshow even when I try to click off of it. It is very hard to navigate with it. Is there anyway to fix this?
No idea what unit you own, so... I'm guessing (and hoping) that it's an older unit.

Connect to your PC. Delete any files inside the folder called "script".

If your model doesn't look like a disk drive when connected to your PC, then we have a different issue to deal with!
Yes, it sounds like you have been sold a unit that has been set up with the "shop demo" running.

First though, please adjust your profile to give an approximate location for you and the model name of your TomTom.

What TomTom you own.... What we need is the name ON THE BOX it came in. Don't expect to find the model name on the unit itself as the details on there are usually just a company reference or part number.

If you don't have the original box handy, the easiest way to find the exact model name or number is to enter the first two letters or characters of your unit's SERIAL NUMBER (the one right next to the barcode label) into TomTom's on-line "model-finder" tool here (US site) or here if you are in the UK/Europe.

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