searching for voice. also vr settings

Jul 28, 2011
I am trying to find the old glados voice from portal. the one that gave directions in reverse and would yell at you for not knowing where you were going. does anyone know where i can find this? it dosnt seem to be on home anymore.

Second question: my housemate got a new via tomtom and the voice recognition software does a rather lengthy speech about what words you can use when activated. is there a way to disable that and just allow you to say: drive to, [address] with a minimal delay between the 2 commands, say 1 or 2 seconds tops?
i managed to get my old 720 started up and pulled the old GlaDOS voice off so i have that now. (if anyone wants that voice let me know). second question is still open to an answer tho :p
I'd be interested to hear that Glados voice, just for a giggle. Shall I PM you my email address?

As for the voice control question, it sounds like it should do a big speech about the feature the first time you use it and should shut up about it after that... but it isn't. Does that sound likely?
I've heard various similar situations where the on-screen "Tips" wouldn't go away as well.

Have you tried the usual first thing... doing a reset?
yes, ive gone through and given it all the voice commands as well. it just wont stop talking about its features... and sure you can pm your email or i can megaupload it and link on the fourm here

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