SD card corrupted?

Apr 18, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
I have an older TomTom one model and recently tried up update my device. TomTom home prompted me to format my sd card before I could update the software so when I did that the format failed.

Now every time I plug my device into my computer it shows an animation on the device with an X over the memory card and it continually prompts me to format my device storage before I can do anything, but every time I do try to reformat it fails and has essentially left my device bricked.

I really hope someone can help me get my device working again, all I wanted to do was update it x.x


It's always possible that the SD card has simply died, it happens more than you'd think. Have you tried formatting the card in a card reader plugged into in your PC, to see if it can format and hold files?

Do you have another SD card you could try?

We need to get to a stage where you can successfully format the card and copy files to it (ANY files, not just specific TomTom ones) before we can go any further with trying to restore the system as it was.

The one really serious question though, before we go any further, is do you have a backup of your TomTom system stored anywhere safe?
If you don't, then your personal copy of the map wilhave gone forever and there is no way to replace it without buying another one. Hopefully, Home told you that you must have a backup before telling you to format the card. If it didn't, and you don't... then think you need to call cusomer services immediately and tell them that you've wiped your maps BECAUSE HOME TOLD YOU TO.
I have a backup of tomtom files from quite a while back, I'm honestly not sure if EVERYTHING is in that backup or not. Ill try to plug the SD card into a reader directly into a computer later and see if that would work.

Edit: I just plugged the SD card into the SD card reader onto my netbook now that I just remembered it can do that and it formatted the card right away (fat32 I believe is correct) and it seems I can copy files onto the disk now. Like I said I do have some backup, just unsure if its a complete backup of all files needed.
Have a look at the files and folders in the backup you have.
Does it have a folder called "North America" or "NA & Canada" or "Western Europe" or "UK and Eire" or something like that? (I can't be more specific as you haven't put your location in your profile....)

If it does, are there files called cnode.dat, cname.dat and cline.dat (amongst others) in there?

If there are... there's a good chance you have a working map.

Have you tried putting that backup onto the SD card yet?
I did restore the backup, and my device seemed to be working, until the moment I opened tomtom home and tried to update again, and then I ended up in the exact same place I started and had to reformat all over again.
Did Home try to get you to format again? What happened this time?


Do you think maybe it's a corrupted software update that Home has got cached on the PC?

Get the TT back in the working state and then try clearing the program file cache before you connect the device again.

For Windows XP they'll normally be at
: C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\TomTom\HOME\Downloads\complete\program

Or for Windows 7/VISTA: C:\Users\username\Documents\TomTom\HOME\Downloads\complete\program

Delete, (or move elsewhere) all the contents of that folder.
Have you tried cmd? It is the first method used to recover an SD card corrupted. Press and hold Win + R at the same time and enter chkdsk [drive letter]: /f /r>Click Y to confirm. note Parameter / f – repairs errors on the memory card; parameter / r – repairs corrupted sectors on the disk. I also saw that someone provided a solution to reinstall SD Card Drivers, but I am not sure if it works.


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Good advice but are you aware that you are replying to a more than 7 year old post.

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