Safe to delete old maps?

Dec 18, 2007
South FL
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TomTom XL-335TM; Map 935.5811
I couldn't find this subj in a search...

Is there any reason why we need to keep our old map downloads that are saved by HOME? I'm not talking about the present 860 map ? but the older 855 map. This map is being saved under "C:\Documents and Settings\user name\my documents\TomTom\Home\Download\Complete\map\North_America" (See attached image below). I've marked the one with green which I think is safe to delete and will keep the one marked in red... the 860 map.

I have 2 back-ups of my TomTom... one with 855 map and one with 860 map. I'll keep those, but want to know if it's safe to delete the old 855 under HOME\download\complete? All of these take up quite a bit of space.



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No reason to keep the old map if you want to reclaim some of the storage space back.

It might be about time for me to have a good dig through what I currently have stored in my TomTom folder on the PC as its using over 250GB these days! - Mike
If you have full explorer backups, there's no reason to have redundant backups of your map folders in the Home download folders as well. Unlike some users that don't frequent forums like this, and don't have your type of backups, you know how to retrieve those map folders by just sliding them back onto your TomTom.

In fact, I just had to rid myself of a couple since Home 2.8 started complaining about a couple of them. It didn't like my Home download copy of 845, which I really didn't need anyway, and of all things, it was griping about my original backup of 715 that came with my GO720. Before I knew better, I'd used Home to make a backup of the 720 and Home 2.8 noticed that map and took exception to it for some reason.

Once I got rid of the two maps that kept being flagged by Home 2.8 (you can spot the problem easily if you ask for "Details" when the errors come up), Home stopped throwing errors every time I used it. You could ignore the errors, too, but I was getting tired of seeing them pop up!
Thanks Mike,

I deleted it using HOME under manage my device then 'items on my computer'.

I thought about deleting it using Windows-Explorer, but thought there might be some housekeeping that HOME needed to do to keep track of current map.
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..but thought there might be some housekeeping that HOME needed to do to keep track of current map.
Not a problem .. Home does an inventory on startup. That's why I was having to kill off some old stuff that it was complaining about. During startup, it was seeing some things it did not like. Either solution will work for you.

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