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May 3, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
I have a route that was created in Google Maps; converted and loaded into Tyre as an .itn file. When I open in Tyre the route is correct and looks good. I upload it to my TomTom Rider 2 and it changes the route!!! This is so frustrating. I have set several more waypoints rather then just my stops. Is there a work around or a solution to this? In searching through the posts I found something that said you could go into your Planning Preferences on the device cllick on "IQ" routes and disable for this route and this will stop the TT from changing the route. This must be for an older version because I am not finding this option on my TT. I am leading a group ride tomorrow after work and for once I would prefer not to use my 'redneck GPS' (write the turns with a grease pencil on my windshield!). Thanks in advance for any help with this!
The more waypoints you have, the less likely that TT will route you to any waypoint other than using the specific roads you want. An itinerary can handle 48 waypoints so add more initially and then see if that is better.

Also, on your unit, go to 'planning preferences'. Do you see an 'Enable IQ routes' button on the bottom of the screen? If so, you can disable by clicking it.
Thanks for the response; I have a bunch of waypoints now, guess I'll have to add more. Sure seems like there should be an easier way (sigh). I did not see anything about IQ routes on the planning preferences screen (screen 5 on my unit). But I will check again. It just gives you the various options of shortest route, longest route, avoid tollways, etc.
No TomTom (or any other normal sat-nav as far as I know) actually stores or remembers a "route". They are only told a start point and a destination, and optionally some waypoints in the middle.

The device itself always chooses the route it prefers between any of those points.
But by adding more waypoints you reduce the chance that your TomTom will choose differently from another brand (or from Google Maps)

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