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Nov 24, 2010
TomTom Model(s)
I live on a one way street. When I use the "Route Demo" feature, it always takes me to the dead end first and then turns around and takes me to my destination. Is this a problem with my particular device (XXL550) or is this normal. It does not even start where I have set "Home" to. It starts at the intersection where my street meets the main road and then travels all the way to the dead end going past my house before turning around and coming back past my house again before taking me to my destination. Certainly not a biggie but is quite aggravating. Just curious to see if anyone else living on a dead end street is experiencing the same thing.


John - no it is not a problem with your unit!

Good question though... It is a problem with the routing algorithms.

I live in Seattle, on Monroe St. (Right next to a main arterial). The TT (540) is always (mostly) routing me to 37th (West); hang a right or a left on 37th; and then make a right or a left to head on up to 35th. (Main arterial.)

Much shorter and quicker to just turn Right - out of my driveway; and go to 35th...

I told it to avoid 37th once; and it told me to go to 39th. I told it to avoid 39th; and it sent me to 41st...

I gave up after it had me about 6 blocks away - all to turn around and head up to 35th...

I believe it is the 'direction' the device thinks the car is headed - which is how it starts out on the route directions... Not sure what I have done; but recently it started heading me direct to 35th :lol:

I did (a while back) go and set my 'Home' not by address - but by "current location.' I think that is a little bit when it started giving me just direct to 35th...

Also - my wife and I wonder if it might have to do with what you always do... It kept directing me to 37th; and I keep turning Right onto Monroe and driving up to 35th... and it quickly re-plans. It might have a little bit of a memory (IQ) and possibly that has something to do with it...

Don't really know. I do know from my experience - that your experience is typical. Frustrating to me as well - I just gave up and ignored it... and now mostly it is directing me straight to 35th. Not really sure why... :thumb:

But your unit is fine. Have a great day!

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The "route demo" feature was never really intended to be anything more that some pretty moving pictures to show off the device while sitting in shop windows, so I guess we're lucky it works as well as it does! (even though TT are trying their best to ruin it in the recent models).

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