RIDER 550 - Is it bricked? issue

Mar 17, 2023
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I have had a problem which so far has not been able to be resolved and the Tomtom official forums wasn't any help. Tomtom want me to send the unit off to Romania BUT I would rather get it fixed here in the UK, if I am able too.

The issue - I believe a corrupted map file is stopping the tomtom unit from loading past the initial splashscreen. The loading bar goes across the bottom & then hangs up not far from the end. It stays on the splashscreen. If I connect to mydrive connect it will just spin the circle of nothingness and not connect the unit, if I go to reset the unit it will just do nothing and keep resetting itself ie USB on / USB off but not actually completing what it is meant to be doing therefore just loops like the circle of nothingness. It shows me I have 0mb of space on the internal memory, I am also able to see there is a corrupted map file as well as the other map files etc I have in the internal memory but will not let me actually delete!

If I could just get into the internal memory - I would be able to delete the corrupted files...
or if I could just reset the unit....that simple!


Would recommend you try the 2nd procedure at this link, Recovery. After this procedure, your device should then allow you to load maps once again.

Before you do this, I would recommend wiping out the entire cache of files in the MyDrive folder. This is done by opening the systray icon in the lower right of your screen for MyDrive, selecting Settings, Downloads, and clicking on the "Empty download folder" button to wash out any previous files that may have been corrupted when stored on your PC.
Connect your GPS to your Mydrive connect account to see if you can delete the corrupted card.

If Tomtom asks you to send your GPS for repair in Romania it is because there is no repair center in the UK.

It is not normal to have 0 MB of space on the internal memory hence the request to send the GPS in repair
It is not normal to have 0 MB of space on the internal memory hence the request to send the GPS in repair
True enough! But the bootloader code should still be intact. That may allow a restore procedure. Certainly worth a try before a refresh at TomTom for a hefty price.
No joy! I have done all these steps before - alot! I even mention it in my first post.

Won't allow me to reset the device as USB goes on / my drive application goes to connect, shows reset splash screen on PC, stays at 0% / USB turns off, splashscreen goes off screen... recycle, rinse, repeat, loop of nothingness...

Total memory shows as 431mb - available Memory as 310mb. On the stat screen on the device when you hold the on button down before booting the unit.

Added an image to show its telling me no space in the internal memory and corrupted Europe map file


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No joy! I have done all these steps before - alot! I even mention it in my first post.
What you said in your first post was "if I go to reset the unit" and "or if I could just reset the unit". There's a big difference between a "reset" and a "restore", which is what I was recommending. Very different process.

If you've actually had no luck with a "restore" procedure, then the device will have to be reflashed, which can only be done by TomTom.


I hear you buddy! Your absolutely right in regards to the words 'reset' and 'restore'. I have tried to reset the unit, to restore it to an earlier working condition. The 'restore' being the ultimate objective of getting it fixed, and without costing me, also weighing in on the connundrum at hand. I also see how the responses are leading me thus down a narrow path, being squeezed, more so, of an online ultimate conclusion of 'Give more money to Tomtom'.

I could add the process of Tomtom's map updating procedure is what essentially bricked the unit in the first place. I also see that possibly falling on deaf ears.

I see the beginnings of informal fallacies - 'Definitional retreat' beginning to be utilised in the sidelines....


I will go with getting it reflashed. Thanks canderson for the 'advice' - which can only be done by tomtom.

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