Rider 1 Charging Indicator

Mar 3, 2008
Monument, CO
TomTom Model(s)
TomTom Rider & XL 350
Hi all,

I've used my Rider 1 for several years, and love it. But yesterday I wanted to charge it for a trip, and the "Charging" indicator did not come on. This happened when using the home charger as well as the USB computer cable.I'm assuming this means my battery is dead, but maybe I shouldn't assume.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
I'd expect that light to come on even if the battery was shot but the device was trying to charge it anyway. Can you connect with Home on a computer - as doing that would also test the lead and its connectors? If yes, then it may be the light circuitry itself that failed.
In all the TomTom's I've used the indicator light merely shows when external power is being applied and received and it illuminates whether the battery is charging or full. Simple tests, such as whether the device dies from power starvation or keeps operating while tethered, will confirm whether power is being received. But only from the symptom you described the fault may also simply be in the lamp circuitry while everything else is still working.
On the Rider, the charging indication is just an icon on the screen, below the battery icon.

The TomTom web site says that if the charging indication is not shown, either the battery is full or there is no power getting to the battery, I'm pretty sure power is getting there, and the battery is definitely not full, so I'm was wondering if the lack of a charging indication could also be due to a bad battery.

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