Resetting HOME

I think it's something like looking for the Home icon in preferences, Manage Home or something like that. Sorry, crappy memory here :(

All that said, once you do find the proper icon, be advised that many do NOT show their actual Home location, in case the unit is lost or stolen. Some set it up the street or around the block (close enough to generate appropriate route instructions from the location but still not pointing to the actual Home location),
Not got a VIA but on an old Go940 it's on page 3 of the "Change Preferences" menu and on a Go 1000 it's on page 4 of the same (now renamed "Settings").

Both are called "Change Home Location"
On VIA 1530...
Touch background
touch 'Settings'
touch right arrow three times
touch 'Home location'

next screen allows you to Change Home location

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