Resetting a map correction

Dec 5, 2010
Pacifica by San Francisco
TomTom Model(s)
possibly a XXL 540TM
In learning how to make map corrections I have been unable to undo what I have done.

I restored the out of box backup after deleting the TT disk contents, then re-downloaded and installed the most updated map on top. The route to a specific POI still thinks the road I modified is un-passable. Summary: the change is still known even after I supposedly re-stored the software.

I am guessing there is a mod file that is hanging around I don?t know about?

How can I reset the map corrections I have made? Earlier I was playing with this with map share in mind which I have decided to punt on at this point so I wonder if some kind of map share thing keeps resurrecting this unwanted change.

What should I do?
Home's Tools-->Mapshare-->Remove All Corrections is one way.

Another way is to go to the location via mapshare and 'unblock' the road. Zoom in so that you point to the specifc road in the proper direction.
I chalk this one up into the ?I?m an idiot? category.

Long story short, I fixed my route preferences from fastest to shortest and the desired route finally came up. I wont begin to tell you how many hours I spent on this.

BTW - I tested the Map Share Remove Corrections functionality. I am positive that works now for any future ... um mishaps. :D

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