Renewing security code Go710.

Sep 1, 2010
Surrey England
TomTom Model(s)
Good evening.Hope this is the right place to post this question.I have just renewed my maps on my old Go710,after which, i find all my favorite destinations deleated.I have now painstakingly renewed them all.I had instaled a secutity four digit number code,which is now missing.My 710 sayes i can renew it by logging on to TT home and pressing the my tom tom 710 button.When i log on to TT Home i see no such button to press.i need help please,i have to add i'm not bright where computors are concerned and found doing a back up via windows explorer daunting to say the least and beyond me.
Sorry folks,sorted it now.Went into opperate my go,onto set owner,followed the prompts now ok.I shall have have a lesson on how to do a back up though.Are the ones done through tom tom home that unreliable?
Next time: IF (big IF) you have backed up your unit using either Home or manually as we recommend, you will find your favorites tucked away in a file called mapsettings.cfg in your map folder. This file can be copied from the backup to the new map folder after the new map is installed.

Home's backup is better than it used to be, but we recommend this method instead >>>

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