Reloading USA Map

Nov 11, 2007
I removed the main USA map from my TomTom 720 when I added some Euro maps for a trip. Now, I am trying to add the main USA map back and there's not enough room--even after removing all the Euro maps and other files. It's almost like there are some hidden files taking up space that I can't see when viewing the contents of my TomTom from the Home application.

Does anyone know an easy way to either reformat the 720 so more space is freed up, or is there something I've missing here? Seems odd that you can easily remove the USA map, but can't add it back on even after deleting every file on the TomTom.

Thanks for any help!

Hello and welcome.

The only way to have both maps is to have a 2GB SD card and install one of the maps there.
It appears that you have your North America map in a backup some where.
You can copy the backup into the SD card or copy your current folders (with the Euro map) in your 720 in the SD card.
Thanks much. How do you get the NA map back on the internal drive? I'm looking for a way to wipe the thing and start over. I deleted all the other maps, applications, voices, etc., and it still says there is not enough free space...even with nothing showing in TT HOME when you go to the area to show device contents. It had the NA map on it originally, but I don't have it on a backup...however, it's still on my computer and able to be loaded, but's something is still taking up space.

Any recommendations on a good 2GB SD card? Are there any brands that just don't work?

Thanks again!
I'm looking for a way to wipe the thing and start over.
When your TT is connected to your PC, just right-click on the drive and select 'format'. That will completely wipe it.

However, you need a complete back-up of all files to be able to restore it, not just the map.

To copy all the files, it is best (IMO) to use explorer, not HOME. Browse to the TT drive then select 'folder options' from the Tools menu. Go to the 'view' tab and select 'Show hidden files and folders'. Then just copy and paste all of the files from your TT to your PC. Double-check you have everything by verifying the size of the copied files against the original.
It finally dawned on me that the TT is essentially a portable hard drive. I found duplicate files located on the TT when I viewed the contents of the device via Windows Explorer. I deleted the doubles manually and freed up the space I needed to load the North America map again.

Moral of the story...sometimes when you remove files from the device via the HOME software, there are still residual files left on the device. It's kind of like Windows when you uninstall a program, often times Windows still leaves files in a directory for the old program and doesn't completely remove everything. After a while, this eats up space. In the case of the TT, it left key map files taking up about 400 MB of space that I had removed via the application.

Hope this helps someone else.

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