RDS-TMC_supplier_data in "partialupdate" folder

Jan 18, 2011
TomTom Model(s)
XL 335 TM
I was checking out what was on my new XL335 in TT HOME and discovered that there was RDS-TMC_supplier_data in a "partialupdate" folder "stored on my PC". Home recommends that it be installed on the device, but doesn't tell me how to get it there.

The device is TomTom XL IQ Routes Edition
running App 9.056.542741.2
and Map: 'USA_Canada_Mexico' (see my other post) v860.3121

The device does seem to find traffic data when I'm in a city. But it does seem to take a while when first turned on in a new city. Would installing this data on the device speed things up? How do I get the data on the device?
Well, traffic info is normally kept in two files within the specific map folder: tmccodes.dat and traffic.dat.

Don't know about a partial update folder. What files are in there?
There is only one file in the folder. Here's the path


It seems to be a place holder with the description I saw when Iwas managing the tomtom via home

Here's a slightly edited (... = non-text data) copy of the file:

... http://home.tomtom.com/tlvvocabulary/itemmetadata ... http://num1.id.tomtom.com/70001
TMCConfig ... en-US
text/plaindRDS-TMC supplier data... en-US
This update will allow your TomTom device to connect to the right RDS-TMC provider in each country. We recommend that you install this file on your device so that you have the latest provider information and the best traffic performance.+e,tomtomdTomTom? ?  Navigator8.010*?

Does that make any sense to you?
A .tlv file is really just a description file that is 'read' by Home whenever you click on 'more information' about a map or something....... it is not a functional file needed for the specific procedure to be run, such as traffic.
I agree that the .tlv file is there to prompt HOME to put up the message inside it.

Given that message recommends installing the "RDS-TMC_supplier_data" file, I'm still trying to figure out HOW.

I followed the link in the .tlv file, which led me to this download:


The .cab file is only 128 bytes. Based on the file name, I suspect the goal is to install a file called mctx.dat
I already have such a file in the root directory of my device. It is 228 bytes, but the cab file is likely compressed.

So, can someone help me figure out how I can either
1. Update the file as recommended
2. Confirm my current file is up to date and turn off the HOME prompt (delete the .tlv file?)
I finally figured out the answer to number 1.
From the managing your device - stored on your computer, you can only delete an item. Even though description on the top of the page says you can copy items to the device, you can't do it from here.

You have to go to Add Traffic, Voices..., page through to the fourth page to find Items on Your Computer, where you can select and add the item.

The net result:

My mctx.dat file is now only 44 bytes.

Nothing else has changed.
Still have the partialupdates folder with the .tlv file
Still have the item in the stored on computer page.

So I'm confused -
This tiny file is just as important as a map, so HOME stores it on the computer???
If it's so important, Why in a directory called partialupdates. Will it ever be completely updated. How do I know when it's changed and needs to be updated again?
Is this new 44 byte file really an update to the original 228 byte file. Is it confused about being an XL335TM vs XL340TM?

Who knows?
It turns out that something really big did change with the 44 byte mctx.dat file. The Traffic receiver no longer found data (at least in my area of Texas). I put back the original 228 byte file and the receiver started working again.

So the 44 byte file pointed to by the partial updates folder is either corrupt or applies to Mexico only. So I'm getting rid of it.

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