RDS TMC antenna now showing sideroad flow


Dec 19, 2008
Boston, MA, USA
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I just noticed today that the American traffic antenna is showing sideroad flow. Clearchannel must have installed the expanded inrix coverage that was announced a few months ago.

I didn't see any changes to the traffic on totaltraffic.com, but there was definitely a change my RDS/TMC-powered Tomtom.

Also, Columbus Day is a well-observed holiday in Boston, with most employees off. For the first time ever, I saw a grey flow indicator saying "traffic faster than usual" on major usually-congested highways. I doubt the Tomtom processes the "faster than usual" info in its routing, but it as a surprise to see nonetheless.

Anyone know a good inrix-powered map website? I'd like to analyze how this expanded Inrix service compares to Tomtom LIVE traffic.
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I spent some more time checking out the minimal Boston sideroad traffic.

Every sideroad incident on RDS-TMC matches the sideroad incidents that still show on the broken Tomtom PLUS. So I'm pretty sure both are using the expanded Inrix. The only difference is that Clearchannel didn't screw up the server feed and properly displays highways, and Tomtom PLUS screwed it up.

Live traffic also shows these same incidents, and much more. I suspect the additional feeds are from trafficcast and from existing 740 LIVE probes.

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