Question about Lifetime Traffic and Maps

Dec 27, 2007
Verona, NJ
TomTom Model(s)
I currently have an old TT 740. I was thinking about updating the maps and subscribing to the traffic service. However, I see that newer TT 740's, specifically, the TT 740TM comes with lifetime traffic and maps.

I just have a few questions...

Are the maps truly lifetime?

As far as the traffic goes... Does it still receive the traffic thru the cell network, or does it use the RDS-TMC cable?

Does the Google search also work lifetime?

I can't seem to find these answers on TomTom's website, so I appreciate the help.

The lifetime traffic is FM-antenna traffic. The quality of data is similar to the earlier 730 bluetooth traffic, or any units that use an antenna.

Even on the 740TM, the LIVE (modem-based) traffic is not offered lifetime. Nor is google.

The maps are said to be "for the usable life of the unit". There's a legal opt-out in the language, but my expectation is that the 740 will be obsolete or break before Tomtom phases the lifetime maps out.

For $50-$100, you can "catch up" on your maps and add a year of service. And the lifetime antenna is here for $69.95 (whenever they end up selling it). So you could consider just adding those features instead of buying a new 740TM. But, my guess is that buying a new 740TM and selling your 740 on craigslist/ebay may be cheaper.
Thank you for the information. I appreciate it.

So how different is the traffic data, getting it from the modem vs the RDS-TMC cable?

I could live without the Google, but traffic can be important to me. I live in the US, BTW.

Live traffic data (modem) is the most current and accurate as a rule, then comes Plus Traffic via Bluetooth (which is being phased out), finally, the rds-tmc traffic. It's better than nothing in my experience (We don't have Live traffic in Canada).......
I've found the LIVE traffic to be much more accurate than the antenna traffic.

Highways in Boston, MA: LIVE and antenna traffic picks up 100% of incidents

Highways in Orange Country, CA: LIVE traffic picks up 75% of incidents, antenna picks up 25% of incidents

Non-highways (Boston & Orange county): LIVE traffic picks up 50% of incidents, antenna traffic picks up 0%.
So, if I wanted to use the Live traffic with the new TT 740TM, do I have the option of paying for it, once the initial subscription runs out? How long do they give you Live for now-a-days?

Yes, you can purchase it. The free trial is currently 3 months in the USA.
So, since the modem traffic is superior, I'm thinking of just biting the bullet and buying the map subscription and traffic subscription I have to say, TT does not make it obvious that the lifetime traffic is done thru the cable, and is not as good.

Thanks for all the help, guys!


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