problem copying maps from backup back to the device.

May 4, 2009
i have a tomtom one 3rd gen. i have made a backup folder of the maps to my computer manually. i attempted to load maps from another same model device but that didn't work. so now i want to copy over the original maps back that i back ed up. what i have noticed is a mysterious space loss on the device memory. the total device size is 978 mb i believe i remember this to be correct. my entire map backup folder is 869 mb. so i deleted the entire usa and canada map folder and attempt to copy over the backup. the files start to copy then i get a message that there is no free space left. so i delete everything inside the usa and canada map folder on the device and now from root of the device i select all the folders and files and right click properties it shows 25.6 mb. i also go to my computer where all my drives show and i right click on the tomtom drive to show properties and now is a completely different size showing for what is used on the device. look at the 2 images included for reference. can anyone tell me whats wrong here? Thanks!

the image below shows all the folders there with the usa and canada folder empty!

this is total size of the tomtom drive
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First of all, trying to use maps from a different device will never work as maps are locked to a specific device.

If I follow correctly, you still have the backed up contents on your computer. If so, format the device. Don't use quick format. It may take a while.

Now, copy the entire backup to the unit. Does it work this time?
hi. thank you. i only have backup of the usa and canada folder. what i can do is copy the rest of the files and folders to the backup drive then delete everything from tomtom and then copy everything back. is that ok to do it that way?
Yes. Make sure hidden files/folders are showing when you do. Then format. Then copy back the map folder and contents. Then the remaining folders. and loose files.
ok i tried to format and i get error that windows is unable to format drive. there is also a data.chk file which is 0k that wont delete. and i still have a mysterious 400+ k unexplained loss.
Don't delete that file. Windows thinks it is a faulty chain file but, in fact, that's a file created in the linix environment and is necessary.

Okay, look in the licenses folder. Delete anything that doesn't have US or EN in the file name. Look in your voices folder. Do you have some you can remove?

See if that helps as you move stuff back.
ok i tried to format and i get error that windows is unable to format drive. there is also a data.chk file which is 0k that wont delete. and i still have a mysterious 400+ k unexplained loss.

This seems like the memory is becoming physically damaged, necessitating a warranty repair. Close everything on your computer, including tomtom home, and try to format the drive.

If it still won't format than the Tomtom memory is probably on its way out.

Windows automatically markes unusable drive space as "bad sectors" so if your space is shrinking it is another indication of failing memory.
I deleted all the non en/us stuff that made sense to delete like the help files in other languages and licenses and still the mysterious space loss persists. i really doubt its the memory. everything was fine until i did some updates and tried to use updated maps from another unit. prior to this i didn't know that maps are locked be serial # if i knew that i would not attempt this. anyway i will call tech support today and see if they can do anything. if not it will be ebay time. thank you for your help. ill post my outcome later after i talk to tech support.
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What is your bootloader version? You may have updated it when you updated the map. If you add the wrong application (eg from a newer device) it sometimes permanently upgrades a bootloader. These newer ones are reputed to cause occasional memory instability on older devices.

If the bootloader is 5.51x on your device then it is too new, and that could be causing your problems.
ok this thing works now. support told me to format the device then use the home software to update it. i know i tried to format it before but didn't work and i have narrowed it down to the cheap usb cable that comes with the unit. a very slight movement of the cable would cause the data to be corrupted even though it still showed as connected. personally i don't like the mini usb plug as i had problems with those on other devices in the past. so anyway this is probably my last message to you guys and i want to thank you once again for taking the time to help me. as far as me getting one of these tom toms well i have a laptop with gps on it. i will stick to that for now. maybe one day when these come down in price and if there will be a company that will offer unlimited map updates then i might get a unit. it is convenient but i don't use it much anyway. this one belonged to my friend that asked me to help him fix it. my final thoughts: a cheap cable will save money for the tomtom company but will possibly loose customers.

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