Pre programming a circular route into GO6100

Jan 29, 2016
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I have just upgraded from an XXL540S to a GO6100.
I have installed Europe map and I have attempted several times to pre program a route which goes as follows:
  • Milan (Bergamo ORIO airport, Italy)
  • Venice (Italy)
  • Graz (Austria)
  • Vienna (Austria)
  • Salzburg (Austria)
  • Innsbruck (Austria)
  • Lucerne (Switzerland)
  • Chamonix (Mt Blanc France)
  • Zermatt (Matterhorn, Switzerland)
  • Brunate (Lake Como, Italy)
  • Milan (Italy)
Now...........because this is a essentially a circle route, when it comes to entering in 'Salzburg, Austria', it automatically creates a shortcut from Graz to Salzburg.
It does the same at the end and creates a shortcut from Lucerne to Milan.
I have tried all different methods of putting in the route but it still takes shortest routes.
What I want is to be able to put in a list as above and tell it to take me to these destinations in the order as entered.
I have asked several "TomTom experts" in a few retail outlets and they have been no help whatsoever.
I called TomTom help number and ended up talking to a guy in India who tried to tell me to try what I have already tried several times and I am very close to taking it back and trying a different brand.
Can anyone help me please?



Jun 3, 2008
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canderson may tell you more about routes.

Even though my old 930 can handle routes like that easily I have stopped using them a long time ago.
It is much easier to use Favorites for the different legs of a trip and, after having reached one point, select the next.
You can, of course set them up in a POI category or just list them as Favorites.
In your example, which ever way you choose, I would rename them as

Milan (Bergamo ORIO airport, Italy)
01 Venice (Italy)
02 Graz (Austria)
03 Vienna (Austria)
04 Salzburg (Austria)
05 Innsbruck (Austria)
06 Lucerne (Switzerland)
07 Chamonix (Mt Blanc France)
08 Zermatt (Matterhorn, Switzerland)
09 Brunate (Lake Como, Italy)
10 Milan (Italy)

If Favorites, they will show up in the list in that order.
If entered as such in an .ov2 (POI) folder they will show, upon tapping the category in MyPlaces, on a Search screen but there, of course, listed by distance to current location.

If you decide to use Favorites and decide later on you also wanted to go to Davos, you would name it
051 Davos
and it will show between Innsbruck and Lucerne.



Dec 28, 2007
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For whatever reason, TomTom doesn't properly allow for an A to B (to C and beyond) route now that doesn't include your current position - a bit difficult given your current location is in Australia! We have complained ENDLESSLY about this, because it was once easy to pre-plan a route for another location and execute it later, or even run a 'demo' of it in advance.

While there are ways around this now on a 6100 using *.gpx files uploaded to the unit, that feature seems to have some problems at the moment, and that feature MAY not currently be supported by MyDrive until they get it sorted. You can try that to see how it goes if you are familiar with the concept. Using the tool of your choice, you can create a *.gpx file that generates <rte> information and upload that to MyDrive. If it's currently supported, it's the 4th icon from the top (1 = magnifying glass, 2 = two diverging road arrows, 3 = bubble with person inside, 4 = diverging road arrows with person to right of them, 5 = gear). It allows you to upload the *.gpx file to MyDrive and it is subsequently sent to your unit and can then be found under My Routes on your unit. It will appear in any list of routes you have sent as the root part of the filename you used (e.g., if you sent GreatCircle.gpx, it will appear in the list as GreatCircle). Once you're over there, you can execute it.

Arno's idea is pretty easy, too. You just create your own ordered list using numbers to keep the sort order straight when displayed. I prefer to save those as *.ov2 files so as to reduce the clutter. The *.ov2 POI files are uploaded to your device using MyDrive with the 3rd icon (bubble with person inside) and using the right tab "POI Files" (as opposed to "Favorites", which is the default and left tab). You'll then find that POI on your unit under MyPlaces and again, it will use the name of the file you uploaded to create the name of the POI list on the device.

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