poor signal lock acquisition on Start 25

May 14, 2012
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Hi all.

I have a TomTom Start 25 and have noticed recently that it is taking a long time to acquire an initial GPS lock. My car has an athermic coated windscreen, and I'm aware that this can cause problems.

What I don't understand though, both my phone and my partners phone can get a GPS lock within around 5 seconds of firing up the navigation - but a dedicated navigation unit like the TomTom Start 25 is taking over 5 minutes.. that seems to suggest that the phones have better GPS chips than the TomTom unit.. crazy.

The Start 25 has no external aerial socket, so that limits what I can do to improve things.

I was looking at re-radiating kits but then found this review;


Which although is from 2002 seems to suggest that re-radiating kits are not legal anymore.

Bit disappointed, a dedicated navigation unit shouldn't need additional aerials to be able to function - especially in an environment where a phone can easily handle it!

Anyone any suggestions on what I can do?


Feb 11, 2011
London, UK.
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Go520,720,XL Live, Start60,Go940,950,1000,1005,New500,New5000
I don't think re-radiating kits were ever technically legal.

But having said that, the transmitter range is so tiny as to be totally unharmful to anything else around and totally undetectable by the authorities even if they were even remotely interested in doing so!
Your choice.... :)

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