POI's OK until I downloaded from.......

Jan 6, 2008
Hi all, POI's OK until I downloaded from TomTom's Home.
I downloaded Dunkin' Donuts and retail Stores, all else was up to date in the TT ONE XL-S, then I notice that duplicate stores were showing up ( radio Shack) etc. Every once in a while one store would show, but for the most they were in two's.
Anyone have a solution to this?
which unit and map version do you have?
some units like the 920 already have these POIs preinstalled and do not need them, switch is why it is giving you duplicates.
Hi Pedro2nr, the unit is a tt one xl-s with a 710 map 162
If you know of a way to correct this that would be great.
When u see the duplicates, are you searching using 'any poi category' or are you selecting the poi category?
Hi Padro, I was selecting...Wal Mart, Radio Shack,Target etc ...Well, here is what I did:
I called TomTom Suport and she had me delete Retail Stores now am not getting any more dups, but I am not sure if I have all retail POI's.
She also said, they would look into this a littke more and E-mail me an ans.
Other than that things are working OK, I wish the manual was better written.
I'll let you know what TomTom says, She said "in 1 to 3 days".
Thanks for your help....Stan

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