POI s not displaying

Apr 7, 2010
TomTom Model(s)
910 and xl Live
I have just bought a XL live as a replacement for my 910 and find that I am unable to dispay any POIs on the new system either the built in ones or the ones I have transferred from the old system.

I have, as far as I can tell activated the poi display.

Any ideas as to what i am doing wrong?




It may have been a while since you found it necessary to tweak it. I'm guessing you're one step short of completing the job.

Browse Map
You've checked off the "Points of Interest" box already, I'm guessing

now select "POI" (lower left corner?)
and select the boxes for the categories you actually want to display
Hello Canderson

Thanks for the swift reply.

If I do what you say I get options and then a list of Map detail preferences. The top on say Points of interest and has a tick in the box - both are greyed out so I can't untick.. Also listed are Favorites, Traffic and Images all with ticked boxes. Favorites and Traffic show on the map.

It is a bit frustratin as I have been using a TT of one type or another for several years.


Do you have a state selected (not just the usa flag) when you navigate to address?

Also, Change Preference-->Show poi on map. Can you get to it that way?

(also, just to check.........use Explorer to look at the contents of your map folder. You do have a poi.dat file, do you not?)

If everything seems to check out, try downloading and running the Clear Flash tool (3 times) found here:

Finally, reset the unit by holding the power button till it reboots (about 10 seconds or so).


Thanks for the suggestions. I tried some of them but didn't work.

However, whilst having breakfast this morning, I sat and played. Did a factory reset and pois appeared. Eventually sussed out that in Browse Map view if the "Traffic" option was switched off then pois appeared, if Traffic was switched on then the pois disappear.

I can't see this documented but the solution was simple in the end - bit like me for having spent hours changing settings apart from the one that solved the problem!

Many thanks for the input.


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