Plotting from A to B on a Go600 when neither A or B are 'Here' or 'Home'

Apr 11, 2015
Prestwood, Bucks.
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I need to be able to set up routes at home in readiness for future journeys. I asked an assistant at John Lewis and he said it cannot be done on the Go600. Surely this cannot be true. If so I have wasted my money, which may be true anyway as I find the device totally unintuitive. I have had a TomTom 1 for years and found that very easy to set up. I upgraded to Go600 because of all the POI stuff but I am finding it very difficult to set thing up

Also, I use Firefox on an iMAC (10.6.8) and it will not run MyDrive. I was told that I have to use Safari but I got that to work once and can't any more
If you make a route from A to B and want to run it you will first go to A from your current position.

I presume it is intended to get back to the familiar A to B (never had problems checking a route for someone in the UK) but at this time it looks as if all hands are on deck to get the custom POI function going.
The background to this.
I am organising a driving relay from coast to coast to raise money for Parkinsons Disease research. I have 7 teams of cars each driving around 50 miles (the last team doing 100 miles). It is called the Great Smokie run because it starts in Lowestoft (furthest point east on UK mainland) which is famous for its smoked fish. The Mayor is giving the start team the 'baton' (which is some kippers) and the Mayor of St. Davids in Wales will receive the 'baton' later that night - we just hope he likes kippers!

So you see, I am trying to devise 7 routes (from baton changeover to baton changeover) that don't use motorways and I am trying to arrange the changeover locations so that it is easy parking while waiting for the baton.
(If you take a look at it will give more info)
Now, that's a different cattle of fish.
Plotting route segments is easiest with Google maps.
1.) 52.423203,0.770924
2.) 52.210315,-0.269516
3.) 52.24864,-1.158439
4.) 52.181514,-2.191993
5.) 51.885617,-3.986944
6.) 51.880882,-5.265071

1.) 52.483140, 1.756093 to 52.4074,0.794726;
2.) to 51.916805,-0.675772;
3.) to 51.8034,-1.638638;
4.) to 51.916297,-2.571483;
5.) to 51.946084,-3.385325;
6.) to 52.44509,-3.541591;
7.) to 51.883212, -5.262707; ???

I prefer and above are done with Google Classic Maps.
I have used Google maps (and route planner from the UK Automobile Association) which is OK for initial searches but once a route is decided on then we can't print them out because most of the drivers are on their own - they can't read the list whllst driving and so having a sat nav to keep you on track is imperative. You could argue that they can set their route up whilst waiting for the baton to arrive but I want to make sure they are all singing from the same hymn book
So, if you agree with the route(s), give them the above coordinates to put into their GPS or let them print 'em out . Remember that it will always go from current position.

Take any of the links I gave, switch to classic, close the street view of the parking lot, click Map, reduce the view to see the whole route and observe the turn-by-turn instructions in the left margin.
It'll even give you an estimate on the cost of fuel for the route.
Thank you for the effort you have put in and the patience you have shown. Do I take it then that if you can't do future planning then you cant set up a route with waypoints on it.
That may change some day but as of now you can add only 3 waypoints between current position and destination.
You cannot make a route between two distant points only.

Have a look at the Google turn-by-turn instructions. Each turn is a waypoint.

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