Phone connection settings? Do they still exist?

Discussion in 'Bluetooth/Phone Connectivity' started by sageuvagony, Jun 10, 2009.

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    I was bored and decided to load up an OLD backup of my ONE XL that I used to own, onto a thumb drive. I loaded up TomTom Home and hit "update." It had over a 20mb mapshare update waiting for me, along with gpsfix, and also, Phone connection setting thingies... I had COMPLETELY forgotten that I used to get phone database updates on the ONE XL and also just realized that I have NEVER once gotten that update on my 720. Does the 720, or any GO models receive this update? I have never been offered that for my 720

    I went ahead and deleted the phone connection files off of my computer using "remove items" in TomTom Home, in hopes that Home would offer me the files as updates for my 720, but no such luck. What are these phone files for anyways? Is it a database of some sort that adds compatability for more phones?

    Thanks all.

    Edit: I went to "delete items" again and had missed one. I deleted that file and then hit "update my device" and "phone connection settings" came up as an update. From reading the description I take it that the file updates carrier information to connect your device to the internet and such. In other words, data connections settings for example if you select "T-mobile USA" as a carrier..

    I'm going to reload the ONE XL backup one more time and update it again because I think I remember seeing another weird update on there. I'll post back.

    Edit again: Ok I found out what the other update was. The update is "RDS-TMC Supplier data" which I also used to get all the time with the ONE XL but have NEVER gotten with my 720.
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    sageuvagony, Jun 10, 2009
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