Permanent power

Sep 15, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
GO 500
I like the fact that my ageing TomTom Go 500 allows me to plug the power cable into the mount. I can leave the mount on the windscreen and simply clip on the TomTom when I return to the car. No fiddling around plugging in cables.

Can any of the current product line do the same thing? I expect an accessory may be necessary as the mounts seem to be integrated as standard nowadays.


In the UK, the Go1005 models still have "proper" separate mounts where the power is connected to the mount.
The Go1000 has the same mount to, and you may find those still in the shops although they have vanished from the TT website

Although the Go1000/1005 mount is pretty good, the Go x40 and Gox50 ranges had the best ever mount,in my opinion, if you can still find one of them. Check TT's "outlet store" for availability of the x50's.

I'm in complete agreement with you about this, I think the "new improved" integrated mounts are really fiddly and generally rubbish!

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