Password via remote control

Oct 30, 2011
I have managed to crack the screen digitiser on my TomTom Go Live 950. I have ordered a new digitiser from eBay but this won't arrive for several weeks. Large parts of the existing digitiser are unresponsive and I cannot enter my password. I go on holiday on Monday (tomorrow) and I need to get my TomTom working.
I could not connect to TomTom Home as I needed to enter my password. I let the battery drain right down and then managed to connect with TomTom Home and update the device but you can't change the password or delete it using Home.

Is there some trick with the remote control or other way I can enter my password or delete it (until after the digitiser is replaced)?

Once I enter the password I plan to delete it and operate my device solely through the remote control.
I'd be interested to hear how you get on replacing the digitiser, if you can let us know when it has arrived.

I have heard hat it's quite tricky and several people have said they replaced the whole screen instead as it wasn't that much more on eBay and it's a whole lot easier to swap over.

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