Overwritting POI's?

Jan 8, 2008
TomTom Model(s)
TT GO 720 + 2GB SD Ultra II
This may have been answered and I tried to look for an answer but couldn't so...

Let's say I just got my 720, updated everything and it's brand new.
Now I add, for example, the Tim Hortons Canada POI's from this forum.

For the Timmies' that are already in TomTom's POI database... will they now be in double, or will it see the same address twice and just show one of them?
The same with icons on the map, will it show 2 icons for 2 tim hortons at the same spot (if both the TT and the custom POI db's collide) ?

I'm very interested in adding ALL these POI's (I've noticed that the TomTom 720 doesn't show a lot of the newer places) but I don't want there to be doubles all over the place



To take your example, the Tim Hortons in the built-in file are in the restaurant category. So they will only show if you turn on this category, but then, all restaurants of all sorts will be shown along with them. (So far, you can't break this list down into type, etc.)

So if you have both the Tim Horton's downloadable POIs turned on at the same time as the restaurants, there will be some duplication. So turn on only the Tim Hortons. Then, when you browse the map, all you will see are the icons indicating the TH locations.

I think it best to only turn on a category of something you are currently searching for. Having several categories going at the same time just adds a lot of mess to the map display. For my everyday use, I have nothing turned on.
Overwriting files

Similar to the last post about Tim Hortons, the retail icons on my One XL drive me nuts. Very seldom is there anything listed other than Radio Shack (which doesn't even exist anymore in Canada). Can we open the TomTom Binary file "Retail_Stores" and edit it. (399k) POI Edit won't open this file on my computer.

The way I have sensed the world of TomTom since November when I bought my unit, the TomTom managers would be smart to give up their codes so smart people (like our moderators on these forums) could be encouraged to make changes and improvements to menus, POI's, map improvements and corrections, and left turns instead of going around the block (just to name a few).
editting pois

I found a nice tool for editting pois, http://www.poiedit.com/ but I suspect it won't help you editing the built in POIs. On my TT OneXL, the builtins are in one big file. I suspect TT does this so you can update their POIs easily. What I've been doing is using the same .bmp file that the builtins use but I've created my own ov2 file. I started using the "create POI" feature on the TT but now I've started to use the poiedit tool. In my case, I need to find hockey rinks, so I've created an ov2 & bmp file "HockeyRinks". ciao :)



>>I do not see maps for North America in POI Edit ! Is it only for Europe ?>

I only use the editor from that site. I get the actual poi files from this site or I create them myself.


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