Ok I did a silly thing.

Nov 25, 2011
I have the Tom Tom one XL S-IQ and wanted to delete one of my computer voices, Dave, to make room on the device. But instead of deleting Dave from the Tom tom Home screen (manage my Tom tom) I deleted Dave from the root directory using my computer. I still had the computer voice, Kate, so I thought it was ok.

But now I can't get Kate to speak and so I have lost the street by street speech.

When I go to Tom tom home I don't even see Kate and Dave listed anymore as computer voices. I see Simon and Susan but when I download those I do not get the voices to speek.

The only voices that will work are the Non-computer voices. How do I get the computer voices to work again?
Do you have a backup (hopefully Explorer) prior to deleting Dave? If so, just restore the entire thing.

If not, I do NOT guarantee this will work.............

Go here:

and use WinRar to extract the contents into the Loquendo folder on your unit.

Make an Explorer backup of your unit's contents PRIOR to getting this file and installing.
Thank you for your quick replay.

No I did not do a backup for Dave as I did not hink I needed to as I thought I was just deleting a rather large file from the Tom tom. So that makes for two errors.

I really kick myself because I knew about removing voices by using the Tom tom Home manage screen but simply thought I could delete from the root directory.

The Loquedo Folder (mine is called LoquedoITT folder and has three subfolders....Bin, data and lib. Do I need to extract the contents to any one of these or just to the main Loquodo folder?

If worse come to worse I can still use a Non-computer voice for the unit.
Thanks again but extracting to the main Loquedo folder did not work.

Thanks for trying. Looks like I will just have to rely on non-computer turn by turn voices.

Darn but I feel so stupid about this slip up.

But I am curious why no other computers voice will work? Just because I deleted Dave I would think Computer Kate or Susan would still work. I never even used Dave as Computer Kate was my selection. When I deleted Dave from the root directory I must have deleted other files that affected all computer voices. I can download the computer voices but when I try to play they do not speak.

Just a thought:: What would happen if I opened TT home and then went to the restore menu. Would I get a restore back to factory settings and would I get this resore direct from Tom Tom?
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You don't have much to lose by doing a restore to factory defaults. It won't recussitate Dave but you may get Kate working again. Depends upon what files got deleted.

Another option: make the Explorer backup and then delete all the loose files in the root of the unit, NO folders or their contents.

Then connect to Home and accept the application offered. Install and disconnect properly from Home using the Device Disconnect icon.

Try that BEFORE resorting to factory defaults.
Will try the restore feature but as long as I don't have to reload all the original maps and things. I was just wondering if the restore files would be downloaded direct from Tom Tom? Still have no idea why Kate would malfunction and as mentioned I can download Computer susan but she will not speak. None of the computer voices will work. I also wonder why Kate and Dave are no longer shown as download options in my TT home?

For what its worth I am waiting for a response from Tom Tom to my issue.

Thank you for your efforts........
For whatever reason, TT has stopped offering various computer voices.

If you DO get the application again, when it installs, it DOES put files into the LoquendoTTS folder. So, after your Explorer backup, might be a good idea to delete all the sub folders and contents of the LoquendoTTS folder on your unit, in case something is screwy there and doesn't get overwritten when the app is reinstalled.
Last try but must go now so will try later. In the meantime thank again and I will also still wait to see if I get a reply from TT help desk..........

Ah just got a prply from TT desk. They suggest to uninstall the application and then re-install the application.


So hopefully something will work or I will just have to be happy with a Non Computer voice......
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OK finally got it fixed.

TT help desk recommended a backup then total reformat. Once done I simply did an auto install of the new application then downloaded a new computer voice called Susan (which really is terrible compared to computer Kate) and that was it. there were two minor glitches.

Once I installed the new application I got a screen saying that this was not the correct application for my TT. Disregarded and things were just fine. Then when I went to the unit to select the computer name Susan I got a red screen saying this voice was not avaiable. Again I disregarded the message and the voice did work. The help desk does not tell you this.

Lastly I had to go to the backup folder on my computer and then select North american Maps and sent that over to the unit.

So the unit is back to normal except for the crappy computer voice. TT have removed a lot of free stuff from their selections ....

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