OK, I am having a nightmare...probably of my own doing!

Mar 12, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
Bear with me...

I have two TomTom accounts, because I have two TomTom devices.

I have downloaded Australian maps for my Via 110/160. However, there is not enough space and the memory can't be expanded - it is a sealed unit. One solution I see is it may be possible to erase my existing Europe maps and replace them with the purchased maps. Can someone tell me (a) whether this is possible and (b) where the purchased AU maps are located and how to transfer them to the TT.

Otherwise, is it possible to transfer the purchased maps to another TT account and download them to my TT XL IQ?

Thankyou in advance.


You can't share maps between devices. You should be able to use the Manage content link when you log into MyTomTom to remove an existing map (it stays stored in your account if you want to download/install it in the future) and free up room for the new map to get installed.
I don't want to share the map between devices, I want to change the map from one account to another. The issue is that I have downloaded the map to somewhere, probably MyTomTom, but haven't installed it on my device (Via). Now I want to install it (for the first time) instead on another device (XL) which is linked to another account.
Perhaps I should see if I can delete the Via from the first account and link the XL. Any idea if this is possible?
I doubt it very much. While both devices may have the same prefix for a map (such as Europe_900.), the suffix for different models varies and that will preclude maps meant for one device being installed on another.
I wonder if I can cancel the maps I just purchased for the Via? Will investigate.
Then I could just buy some new ones for the XL.
Call OZ support at: 1300 135 604

Tell them you've never installed the map. They may reimburse you the cost. They may offer additional assistance to you.


Thanks for your help.

FYI, the helpdesk found some blockage in my account, made some adjustments and I am now all mapped-up on the Via.

Appreciate the assistance.

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