Not Working Go920 and accessories for sale

Oct 14, 2008
TomTom Model(s)
GO 920
I have for sale a non-functioning GO920 with all the accessories that it came with when I purchased it brand new in September of 2008. See my sad story below.:(

Included are the following:
TomTom North America and Western Europe Map-on SD Card
TomTom GO 920 Portable GPS Vehicle Navigator (4.3 inch Widescreen)
TomTom Home Charging Dock for 720, 920, 630, 730, 920, 930 GPS Navigators
TomTom Remote Control
TomTom USB Car Charger
TomTom Windshield Mount Kit
Brand new battery installed November 2011.

My Sad Story :mad:
My 920 was functioning properly, except the unit would not hold a charge for more than 15 minutes. It worked perfectly, two weeks ago, on a return trip to Seattle., plugged in to my cigar lighter.
So I purchased a new battery after seeing how easy it was to replace on Youtube. Had trouble removing the battery, may have scratched the copper traces underneath the circuit board. Also broke the snaps for the flex circuit into the connector. Put it all back together and it did not work, except plugged into my computer using TT Home. I did get a yellow icon warning saying the battery was low, and then it would go dead. Either I screwed up the circuit board or my brand new battery was a defective one. The green light on the device stays on when plugged into my computer.

That is my sad story. Make me an offer I cannot refuse. :thumb:
Terry in Lethbridge AB Canada
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