Noob Question RE: Traffic Options for XL 350

Mar 15, 2011
I recently purchased an XL 350 and i love it.

My main reason for getting the unit is I have a 2 hour commute and wanted to use it to get traffic updates and possibly alternate routes to avoid traffic.

I am just confused as to what the traffic options are, and after searching the forums for more info i am even more confused and have some very beginner questions as this is my first gps unit:

what exactly are the options for getting traffic info on the device? i bought the unit from best buy and after reading some posts it looks like i need some kind of hardware/antennae installed to get traffic. the unit did come with a car charger. I have no traffic bar or any indication of traffic info on the device while i am using it, my routes are always one color. when i plug into my pc and try to see what traffic updates are available i see nothing at all. i have the lifetime maps and entered that code, but it did not say anything about traffic.

what is the difference between the hardware/antennae traffic, live traffic and IQ routes? I do see the IQ routes plugin for 50 bucks, just not sure what that is.

i appreciate any info.


thanks for the reply, that actually looks exactly like the one that came in the box when i bought it. Going to stop at best buy on my way home and ask them about how to get traffic on this thing.
You simply plug it into the car charger and the usb into the unit. Your unit should say 'rds-tmc antenna detected'
I purchased the same device and I was a little disappointed that my area dosn't have the basic live traffic service. I live in the IL/IN//KY Tri-State area (142nd largest Metropolitan Statistical Area/350,261 people). Evansville, IN is fairly close to Interstate 64 and the only major city in Southern Indiana.

Evansville might not be a heavyweight compared to Indianapolis, St. Louis, MO or even Nashville, TN, but it would be nice to have some traffic alerts in the area. :)


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