No spinning pin wheel

Mar 7, 2010
Hello to everyone:)
I live in Somerset UK
We use our tom tom everyday for work

I am going to do what I hate doing on a forum but I am a bit desperate as being without my Tom Tom is a real pain so I am going to jump in feet first:eek:

My Tom TOM 510 has stopped getting a GPS signal. I have read the threads about checking the bars on the satellite menu. Nothing !

The thing is the little Yellow and black wheel is NOT spinning and I cant find out what his means.??

Any help would be gratefully appreciated :)
Use a pin to reset the device (the reset hole is next to the electrical connector on the base of the device) - If this fails to restart the device I would say its beyond ecconomic repair to be honest, it might be GPS patch aerial/ PCB thats failed which is easy to swap out if you can get a replacement otherwise confine the device to the bin and purchase something new (Sorry, but there is no easy way to break bad news) - Mike
Thanks very much for the quick reply, most appreciated. I have tried resetting it thanks, time to look for a new one then :( could have done without that ! customer bounced a ?300 cheque on us this week !

Next question of any one feels like answering is which new one to get ?

1. Its used for work
2. I have never as yet used it outside the UK

Any ideas ?
XL IQ will serve you very well in the UK only version and shouldn't hurt the bank too much, the XL IQ doesn't offer handsfree for your phone though just in case thats important? - Mike
Thanks Mike

No handsfree isnt a prob, we have a parrot handsfree system

Thanks for the help

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