No Sound on TomTom One XL


Jan 21, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
One XL
I have a TomTom One XL, now about 3 years old (out of warranty) that no longer produces any sound at all. The sound is turned on and the volume is at 100% although no sound at all. I have removed the back cover and assured that the speaker was plugged in properly. Using a paper clip, I pressed the reset button IN for about 20 seconds, then restarted the unit to no avail. I also unplugged the battery for about a minute, reconnected it, restarted the unit again to no avail.
I connected the speaker wires to an independent working amp and speaker system to no avail.
I selected Change Preferences > Volume Preferences, and the volume is set to 100%. The box for "Link volume to car speed" is not checked. When I press the test button, it momentarily changes to a dark gray but does not produce any test sound. The battery is fully charged and the unit remains in operation long after it is disconnected from the car power supply.
Please offer suggestions to restore the sound on this unit.
Thanks for your help.
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I connected the speaker wires to an independent working amp and speaker system to no avail.

Did you connect the TomTom's loudspeaker itself to the working amp (i.e. testing the speaker) or did you connect the FEED to the speaker (from the TomTom's internal amp) to the external amp and speakers? (i.e .testing the internal amp.)


The original 'One' had a reputation for the actual loudspeaker to die.

I had the same problem with the my ONE and dived into the back to find the cone had become detached from the armature of the speaker.
I repaired this with super glue (very carefully putting the glue on th cone then pressing the armature on to the glue).
I had the same problem with my Tom Tom, sound only worked now and then.
Replaced the speaker (eBay) and all is well again. Only took 15 minutes.
Can you hear ANYTHING if you turn the volume up full and listen closely, even a faint hiss would tell you the speaker is OK. (Or clicks when you switch on or off)

Secondly, does that model have a line out socket?
If it does, the feed to the internal speaker goes through some switch contacts on that socket, and they can get dirty or misaligned. Try plugging in an earpiece on a 3.5mm jack socket. Any sound on that? Any sound on the speaker after you unplug the earpiece again (try plugging it in and out a few times)

Finally, you haven't mentioned backups... Do you not have a full backup of the device that you can go back to from before the problem started?
If you do, try that.
If you don't, do one now as a matter of urgency, in case any thing worse happens (like losing your maps).
Instructions to do one with Windows Explorer are in the FAQs in this forum (don't use Home to make the backup).

Once you've done that, you could try reinstalling the software.
The test I conducted solely checked the feed. However, I will proceed with the actual speaker check. I originally neglected to mention that I had plugged an earpiece into the external 3.5mm plug. No sound there too. There is absolutely no sound, hissing or other noises emerging from the speaker. I will check the forum again regarding doing a b/u. None had been done prior. Thank you for the reply and I'll keep trying.

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